An amazing cup of Coffee & Tea
Sharing of Passion & Friendship

Caritas 9 Coffee Roasters aims not only to be the bridge for everyone to get to know specialty coffee but also to appreciate the flavors relative to each bean where much care is taken from Origin by the Farmers, to the finely crafted skills of the Roasters and Baristas.

We are coffee roasters but we also love to collaborate with those who share the same Passion, Values, Quality, Authenticity, and Dreams

We invite you to first try our Brazil, Colombia, and Indonesia, then experience our Nicaraguan, completing your experience with our premium limited selections.

As part of the experience, we welcome you to watch the pour-over process at the bar as your coffee is being made. We would also love to share our knowledge with you if you wish for an explanation, as well, we offer pour-over classes in hopes that you could enjoy more coffees at home.

With an emphasis on coffee beans' natural flavors & pour-over coffee, we only use CAFEC's flower dripper (made with porcelain) & CAFEC's filter papers (made with abaca) as our choice of brewing equipment for their uncompromising pursuit of quality which equates to a better, cleaner cup. This means you could savor its natural flavor black without the addition of cream and/or sugar.

We currently source our (unroasted) beans either direct, from Mountain Coffee, from Gold Mountain Coffee Growers, or from La Finca Distribution, with a lot more in the plans. Likewise, our teas are direct from the producer, or via reputable distributors. 

Did you know?! We're the 1st in Canada to bring you unbelievably amazing Chai (by One Stripe Chai) from Portland.

Follow us on Instagram ( @Caritas9coffee ) for the latest updates & please come visit us to discover what we have to offer!

Fun Fact! : The name Caritas9 was inspired by the notion of "unconditional/divine love".

"Caritas" meaning "Love", "Beauty", "Charity", and the number "9" is THE complete & perfect number, in many cultures, for "1" is the starting point from nothing ("0") and "10" being the beginning of the next chapter.

We hope that through the Love of Coffee, Appreciations for Teas, every visit to our Cafe, you'll rediscover the Love&Passion, the Beauties and all things Beautiful in your life, as well as being kind to others and more importantly, to yourself. Through our encounters & the conversations, spoken or not, we aim to be the cafe that you will feel at home, with comfort and peace of mind, to find & chase what's meaningful to you. In time, this will not only be "A Cafe", but "OUR Cafe", a place where memories are made, and time well spent.


History ~> Present & Future

The Original Team : Wei, Joseph, Jason, Alex ; Quality, Knowledge, Perseverance, Compassion

The New Team : Naomi, May, Diana, Abby ; Expertise, Passion, Integrity, Dream

To the Future & Our Goals : Customers => Friends => Teammates

With the foundation the Original Team has built, M.J.YUKIMU ( New Management & the New Team) wishes to carry the torch, to pick up where has been left off, to continue to provide the best possible coffees (& teas) that we could offer, in a comfortable, homey, space unlike others, where the Community & City of Burnaby could benefit from our expertise, share our passion, become our friends, and build on a mutual dream of appreciation for & love of coffee, tea, humanity & mother nature.